At Affordable Animal Hospital in Covina, we are committed to keeping pets and their owners together with affordable vaccinations and treatments. Sadly, the time with your dog or cat may be cut short prematurely for a very preventable reason.

Thousands of pets go missing each year. Many indoor pets do not wear collars or tags, and many dogs and cats manage to escape the home and roam the neighborhood, only to be picked up by animal control or a neighbor. If your pet in the local pound or humane society, microchipping makes it possible to be quickly reunited with your pet.

What Is Microchipping?

Microchipping is a form of identification that can’t be lost or damaged. This technology provides safe identification for your pet should he or she get lost or escape the safety of your home or yard. A small transponder is implanted in your pet’s skin. Measuring about the size of a grain of rice, this transponder contains information that is scanned by an animal control officer or shelter, so your pet can be returned to you without delay.

In a painless procedure, the microchip will be inserted between your pet’s shoulder blades, where it is safe and secure. This requires no special post-procedure care or anesthetic. A microchip for your pet is easy to place, and your pet will experience no discomfort – but will be protected.

Why Choose to Microchip Your Pet?

It’s a sad truth but thousands upon thousands of pets go missing every year. A microchip provides the details of ownership that cannot be lost. Microchips provide the added benefit of tracking vaccination records for your pet. In the unfortunate event your pet is lost another person takes it to the vet, a microchip can help you establish legal ownership and get your cat or dog returned to you.

If your pet becomes lost, it often will land in one of the area’s animal shelters. The personnel at these agencies are trained to scan lost pets. A microchipped pet will be scanned and a number unique to your pet will provide contact information that will reunite you with your treasured cat or dog.

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