You want to protect your pet from harmful illnesses and conditions, and getting them vaccinated early will help you keep the immune system strong.

Vaccines are medical injections administered by our Covina veterinarian that protect your pet from several serious, or even life-threatening diseases and illnesses.

Why Vaccinations Are Important

Getting your pet vaccinated can not only improve their health, but can also prevent the spread of contagious diseases to other animals or humans. Vaccinations have been successful in eradicating some common animal diseases, helping pets live longer and healthier lives.

We recommend all pets get vaccinated to protect your pet and others from the risk of disease. Our Covina veterinarian will help you determine what vaccines are appropriate for your pet.

The vaccination injections are relatively painless for your pet, and are critical in protecting cats and dogs from a range of dangerous bacteria, illnesses, conditions, and viruses.

The Affordable Animal Hospital Covina can customize a vaccination plan for your pet based on their species, breed, and home environment.

When should I vaccinate my pet?

Most puppies and kittens need their first series of vaccines around six to eight weeks old. During the first few weeks of life, your pet will receive antibodies from mother’s milk and they’ll only need vaccinations once they stop nursing and the immune system begins to function on its own.

You should keep your pet inside the majority of the time before they receive their initial vaccines as during this period, they are more susceptible to bacteria and viruses if playing outside or coming in contact with other animals.

After your pet’s first set of vaccines, some may need a booster shot every one or three years depending on the type of vaccine. Vaccines are typically effective for several years before the protection begins to diminish, but continued booster shots will maintain effectiveness and keep your pet safe.

Types of Vaccinations

Typically divided into two categories, vaccinations are described as “core” or “non-core.” Core vaccines are considered vital to your pet’s health and will vary among species based on the most common contagious animal diseases and conditions.

Non-core vaccines are optional vaccines that can be customized to fit the lifestyle of your pet. The amount of time your pet spends outdoors, their medical history, and other lifestyle factors will determine what non-core vaccines are appropriate.

Not every pet needs every vaccine, which is why our Covina veterinarian will work with you to determine which vaccines are necessary.

What to Expect After Vaccinations

Vaccinations are relatively painless for your pet, and they usually don’t affect your pet for more than a moment. While most pets experience just a few negative side effects from their vaccinations, the injections work to stimulate the immune system. Your pet may experience some mild symptoms, but they are rare and typically short-lived.

With very rare negative side effects, vaccinations provide a critical protection for your pet, warding off a variety of diseases. Some harmful diseases have even been eradicated through vaccine use. It is wise to vaccinate your pet with the correct injections. Our Covina veterinarian is here to help you keep your dog or cat healthy, safe, and flourishing for the long term.

Pet Vaccinations in Covina

Vaccinations save millions of pet’s lives every year, and your pet can have a vibrant and healthy life with a series of vaccinations from Affordable Animal Hospital Covina. Our veterinarians are dedicated to pet health, and will help you have a comprehensive treatment plan to protect the health of animals young and old.

We treat each pet as if it were our own, and provide personalized, caring treatment for every pet that comes to our facility. Pet care can get costly – just like it does for humans. We offer low cost vaccines and affordable pet medical care to alleviate some of the stress involved in vaccinations and other treatments for cats and dogs. Come to Affordable Animal Hospital Covina and discover a professional veterinary clinic where the cost of vaccinations is kept reasonable.

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